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We are in the business for providing solutions of water deliveries and needs of people from past nine years. We satisfied lakhs of customers, through an un-diluted commitment to provide innovative, high quality and long lasting reliable products. The product represents decades of creative passion and our commitment to bring only new and unique product to market.

Our products are ultimately reinforces our dedication to creating truly delightful customer experience. The design and detailing of our products bring pleasure to customers every day.

The product offers an inspiring bath and shower as per its applications. The half turn fittings and quarter turn fittings along with style, design and finished options allow our customers to complete their necessity with confidence.

The secret of the success has been is not having stop for the first positive results, but having continued to pursue new and more ambitious achievements. With adequate investments andabove all with the kind enthusiasm, this has always accompanied successful undertaking.

This brand is one of the first brands in industry to recognize to the necessity of society by providing the benefit of assured quality convenient, features supported by quick and satisfying sales after service. The brand remains committed to its rule of being a leading player in industry engage in meeting the continuously evolving requirements of C.P. bathroom fittings and fixtures for bathroom and kitchens

CASTING: is a process by which metal objects may be formed by melting the raw material and pouring it in to the moulds. As the metal is solidifies the shape of the objects is determined by shape of the mould cavity

The basic raw material used in the C.P bathroom fittings is brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. However we comply the standard HTB 1 and 2. The core is made of the sand and molasses, the core is placed to form the interior hallow for the mould.

Our castings are free from defects like laps, blow holes and fettling. External and internal surface are clean smooth and free from sand and neatly dressed

We ensure machining of the products is free from dis-alignment, out ness, eccentricity, tool lining and chattering marks. Bore of the seat and water passage or throughout the body

Section has a uniform diameter of 12.7mm or ½” size resulting in better flow of water even on normal pressure.

The grinding removes the unwanted metal to make the surface smooth. Buffing it improves the appearance of the material. We ensure the polish piece should not bear any lining marks, deformity and scratches. Blowholes, crackers and pinholes should not be allowed on any piece.

The chromium plating shall appears as a smooth, continues envelop over the basic metal shall be free from blisters, pores and other visible defects that effect appearance. Our new technology a copper deposition on the brass for under coat purposes, gives a better surface finishes of decorative nickel and chrome. We ensure copper plating on the brass and nickel thickness is 14 to 15 microns and chrome 0.25 to 0.4 microns.

Our half turn locking spindles including bonnet are made of extruded brass rod ensuring flawless performance for a longer period. Our spindle internal working part does not come in contact with water with ensures fault free working. There is no metal-to-metal friction or contact on body, a special bronze washer is used t avoid friction and ensures smooth operation.

Our quarter turn ceramics disc is washer less reversible for use either in lever handles or cross handles. Ceramics disc are covered with brass constructions. The brass of solid rod gives durability and excellence in high use of

Applications, ceramic disc are fine-tuning and comfortable handle position assured a lifetime dip free performance.

Rubber ‘O’ ring provide at on the spindle to ensure, water does not reach to the acme. Since the water does not reach the acme threads they always remain lubricant resulting in less wear and tear and longer life. We ensure highest grade of rubber washers and ‘O’ rings which makes spindles to rotate freely without any frictions

All the products are pressure tested against leakage and also tested for performance to ensure that they meet the most stringent requirement and standards. Our product offers the high long lasting quality that is unmatched in aesthetic and performance

Our products are designed to work flawlessly for years. The most reliable and prompt of sales after service is just information for trouble free performance for the warranty period.

Assured. Our product fulfills dream of complete range of bathroom fittings from designer tap and mixers to accessories.

Modifications and improvement of existing products are the heart of innovative of products. Due to regular consumer feedback and dealers suggestions keeps us modifying our production both in terms of function and design.

A singular level of exceptional quality our missions to enhance gracious leading continue to build form the central promise. The product reflects the heritages of excellence leading edge designs advance technologies and renowned   craftsmanship, characterized our innovation kitchen and bath products.

Our constant innovation pro active marketing and prompt after sale service setting standards and surpassing them is something that comes habitually. Our products

Are wining the confidence of the customer. We use technology as a main tool to enhance the appeal of its product and feel its growth.

It abreast of the latest technical development i corporating them judicially into its production process. We attending to the minutest details and ensuring the highs

Quality at every stage of production. Our highly advanced chemical coating plant ensures excellent finish. The entire production under goes pneumatic and online pressure testing. The products are design and manufacture to attain longevity, reliability and offer highest standard of styling.

It state fastly resolves to pursue those business  policies and work ethics that are beneficial to customer,  dealers, employees, vendors and intermediates in the course of achieving our mission. Our performance and positive thinking keep us always ahead and craving for quality that keeps us growing.